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Börjes Logistik & Spedition AB

Box 176

SE-38222 Nybro

Visitor address: Tegelvägen 4, 382 92 Nybro



+46 (0) 481 75 45 00


+46 (0) 481 75 45 75

Company info

Org. nr.: 556142-0430

VAT No: SE556142043001


Transprice is Börjes Logistik & Spedition's tool for online price calculations. This is where you can calculate transport prices for locations and routes for export/import to and from Sweden. Our contract customers can log in and obtain price information on shipments based on their individual contract. You will also find the form here for booking shipments that can be completed on line and then printed out and sent to us.



If you are not yet a contract customer, but are interested in testing Transprice, click on New Customer (below) to try out a demo version with fictitious price details. To calculate a shipment price, enter the first two digits of the postcode of both the dispatching and receiving location, likewise select country codes. If necessary tick the box for Goods Info. Complete the applicable fields under Weights (weight is obligatory and one of the other three choices) and then press confirm. Bunker- and fuel surcharges are on a monthly basis and should not be altered (we update monthly). The monthly index is presented on our website. The other fields for surcharges are for your own use if, for example, you wish to charge additional internal surcharges.

Please note that when you use the “Print” function, you receive a preview and have to use your own computer’s commands to print out in paper format. Don’t hesitate to contact our sales department if you would like to have a quotation for your shipments in a ”Transprice version”.

Press DEMO to try!

Login: 4000
Password: Demo

Fuel and Bunker surcharges

MONTH 2018 2017
JANUARY 22,6 % 21,1 %
FEBRUARY 23,6 % 21,4 %
MARCH 23,2 % 21,5 %
APRIL 22,9 % 20,7 %
MAY 25,1 % 21,4 %
JUNE 27,0 % 20,4 %
JULY 26,9 % 19,4 %
AUGUST 27,3 % 19,4 %
SEPTEMBER 28,0 % 19,4 %
OCTOBER 28,9 % 19,8 %

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